Terms and conditions
Please note that prices you can see are not final. The price depends on many factors: model, configuration, delivery etc. To know the final price please leave a request so our manager could get in touch with you and tell exact price for the machine you need
Perpetual inventory
We are doing our best to always have replenished stocks. Well-furnished stocks enable us to ensure rapid delivery and make sure that your business can quickly receive and start using its brand new equipment.
Exclusion return right
You can not return the following items:
  • Software whose seal has been broken or the packaging has been opened or have been installed or registered.
  • Articles with user traces or damage.
  • Correctly executed services, such as installation and installation costs
Shipping costs in case of returns
Shipping costs for returns are for the customer
If you have complaints about the equipment or service, you can tell all the information to your manager or write to us by mail info@virmer.com
Delivery time
Delivery time is calculated individually and depends on the city of delivery. Your manager will guide you on the dates
Shipping costs
Shipping costs are calculated individually. You can ask your manager for it
An order for a machine is only definitive when the first payment has been received. From that moment on we reserve your machine. For the second payment we use a payment term of 5 days after delivery. All other items must be fully paid for delivery
The machine warranty depends on the type of the machine. The minimum warranty period is 2 years
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