Laser marker WATTSAN FL ST

Bench-type machine for small-scale production lifting manual table
Laser power: 20/ 30 / 50 W
Laser: IPG/ Raycus/ JPT/ MAX Photonics
Working area: 100x10, 200x200, 300x300
Comfortable workstation
Large diameter lens with a choice of area size
Training in marker operation
Easy use of a rotary device
Different types of emitters available
Genuine SinoGalvo scanner
Wattsan marking machines have an easy-to-use rotary device. With this you can process
Wattsan laser markers are equipped with two lenses (85 mm and 79 mm), what makes the equipment universal
Three types of emitters are available: IPG/Raycus/Max photonics. Each of these laser sources guarantees a high quality marking therefore you should choose the most suitable depending on your budget and production tasks
Wattsan always carefully selects manufacturers of machine tool components. The SinoGalvo scanner and EzCad software are guaranteed to unlock the full potential of laser sources
An undoubted advantage is the possibility to learn how to work on a marking machine. Our experts will explain and demonstrate all the marking features
The compact but functional workstation allows you to work comfortably on the machine and also accommodates a computer. Thanks to its mobility, the workstation can be relocated
Made on Wattsan's markers
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At Virmer, we advise you, before and after the purchase on the machines and the best ways to use them
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The equipment undergoes a 3-stage quality check, first at the manufacturer's factory in China, then when it arrives at the warehouse in the Netherlands, and finally before it is shipped by the transport company to your business
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We welcome you to our showroom in the Netherlands to test our brand-new machines on your samples.

We also offer you online demo: send us your samples, we process them and return them to you. We can also make a videocall to show you how our machine works without you leaving your workshop

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Our equipment is under warranty for 24 months and can be extended up to 60 months
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