Fiber metal cutting machine WATTSAN 1325 TABLECHANGE

Bench-type machine for small-scale production lifting manual table
Working area: 1300x2500
Laser: Raycus / MAX Photonics / IPG
Laser power: 1000/ 1500/ 2000 W
Dimensions: 4700x2190x1500 mm
Engine power: 400 W
Repositioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
Servomotors and planetary gearboxes
Laser head
Guide rails/ Ball-and-screw
Laser sources
The machine is equipped with reliable HIWIN guide rails. A high-speed ball-and-screw is essential for tracking the curvature of the metal
The machines are equipped with Mitsubishi servomotors and Shimpo planetary gears. The quality of these brands is undisputed and the components ensure precise machining at high speeds without overheating
Wattsan cooperates with four of the world's leading laser sources manufacturers: IPG, Raycus, Max Photonics, JPT
The material and dimensions of the frame structure depend on the type of machine. All frames are subjected to mandatory stress relieving heat treatment. The assembly is performed by robotic systems. This guarantees the reliability and accuracy of the equipment
Maximum machining quality can only be achieved with quality laser heads. This is why Wattsan works with the leading
manufacturers: Raytools, Precitec, WSX
The material, dimensions, and weight of the gantry depend on the type of material to be processed. The machine can be modified according to the customer's needs
Planetary gearboxes
Shimpo Nidec has a high level of fault tolerance and is able to cope with high loads
Control system
The modern control system has a wide range of functions and is compatible with CAD and CAM software. The ease of use makes the machine comfortable and comprehensible even for beginners
Cooling system
A chiller is essential for processing materials that require high power. The system maintains the required operating temperature of the laser head and source, preventing them from overheating. Wattsan machines are equipped with chillers from one of the world's best brands, S&A
Smoke extraction system
Automatic pneumatic dampers do an excellent job of removing smoke and cleaning the area above the laser head.
Interchangeable table system
The possibility to change work areas saves a considerable amount of time in preparing the material for machining and therefore increases productivity. While cutting sheets on one of the tables, the operator can collect the finished elements on the other.
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