Laser machine WATTSAN 0503

Bench-type machine for small-scale production lifting manual table
3M belt
Nozzle and mounting
Frame design
All Wattsan machines come with a durable frame. The frame is heat-treated to ensure that the machines are fail-safe and extremely precise at high speeds
The nozzles supplied in the kit have a wide and narrow cross-section. They can be used for both cutting and engraving. The finished product will be fully protected against defects including fouling after machining
Cogged rubber belts extend the service life of the machine. They ensure smooth running and soften vibrations. This has a positive effect on the quality of material processing. Unlike other types of belts, due to full synchronization and tensioning, the load on the equipment is also minimized
Reinforced gantry
All Wattsan machines are equipped with a reinforced gantry. This allows for high precision machining results at high speeds and also extends the service life of the equipment.
Stepper motors and belt gearboxes
Three-phase type stepper motors and a belt-driven gearbox (4:1) ensure the highest level of engraving quality and precision. This is due to the reduced load by splitting the number of steps
Made on Wattsan's CO2 Lasers
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At Virmer, we advise you, before and after the purchase on the machines and the best ways to use them
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Delivery guarantee
The equipment undergoes a 3-stage quality check, first at the manufacturer's factory in China, then when it arrives at the warehouse in the Netherlands, and finally before it is shipped by the transport company to your business
Showroom and Demo
We welcome you to our showroom in the Netherlands to test our brand-new machines on your samples.

We also offer you online demo: send us your samples, we process them and return them to you. We can also make a videocall to show you how our machine works without you leaving your workshop

Eisenhouwerweg 5F, 5466 AC, Veghel the Netherlands
+31 85 273 1786
Our equipment is under warranty for 24 months and can be extended up to 60 months
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